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Edsbacka Krog is located by Edsviken in Sollentuna, just outside Stockholm. The first Inn at this location was founded in 1626 where, at the time, important roads and routes between Stockholm and Uppsala met. Today, Edsbacka Krog is just fifteen minutes from Stockholm City, ten minutes from Arlanda airport and some forty minutes from Uppsala.

From 1 april 2024, Edsbacka Krog offers only conferences, meetings and events for groups.

At this time, and until further notice, no lunch, brunch or dinner is served.


edsbacka krog – HOSPITALITY sINCE 1626!

Edsbacka Krog is located near the northernmost shore of Edsviken in Sollentuna, just north of Stockholm. The first Inn opened here as far back as in 1626 when the grocer Henrik Olofsson earned a special permit from Swedish king Gustav II Adolf which gave him the right to establish an inn at Edsbacka, next to the important country road between Stockholm and Uppsala.

The Inn offered its services for travellers and bypassers until 1872 when it was forced to close due to revoked alcohol permit and a declining number of guests. Following the closure, the white stone building was used as a primary school, worker housing and a poorhouse, but later also for artists and crafts.

At the Valborgsmässoafton, 30th of april, in 1983, one hundred and eleven years after the closure, the star restaurateur Christer Lingström re-opened Edsbacka Krog. During the following 27 years, the restaurant received no less than two stars in the Guide Michelin.

Following a brief period being called Edsbacka Wärdshus, the restaurant has since 2020 new owners in two committed and food-loving Sollentuna residents – Björn and Silvia Johansson – and was once again re-named to Edsbacka Krog.

The ambition for Edsbacka Krog is to preserve the unique atmosphere and environment that surrounds Edsbacka and serve classic Swedish tastes and flavors in the finest cooking tradition!

Welcome to Edsbacka Krog!

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Edsbacka Krog – det vita huset invid landsvägen.

AT Edsbacka Krog


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Fest & Evenemang

Fira födelsedag, familjefest, dop och drömbröllop – men även minnesstunder – i Edsbackas lokaler!
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Välkommen till bords!

Bordsreservationer gör du enkelt här via vår bokningsfunktion – men det går även bra att maila eller ringa.
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Edsbacka Krog erbjuder från 1/4 endast festvåning, konferens och möten.

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