Fun Jazz med Andy Fite!

Lör 2 juli kl. 17:00

Funjazz på Edsbacka Krog med Andy Fite!

Andy Fite är en välbekant och kär underhållare, jazzmusiker och gitarrist hos oss på Edsbacka Krog.
Senaste sommar gjorde Andy Fite ett flertal mycket uppskattade spelningar hos oss, både solo och med gäster.
Nu är han tillbaka hos oss för en ny sommar med varma och underhållande jazzframträdanden!

Andy Fite is a jazz guitarist, singer, and songwriter currently living in Stockholm,
Sweden, having lived and worked in New York City for many years.
As a guitarist it’s fair to say he sounds like no one else, joyous and spontaneous, with
influences ranging from Charlie Parker and Lennie Tristano to Bach, Brahms and
Chopin. (And the rhythm guitarists of the 1930s!)

As a singer he’s been compared to Frank Sinatra and Mel Tormé, with a warm sound
and a natural phrasing coming from his strong focus on the words, and the thoughts
and the feeling they communicate.

He’s written over 800 songs, extending the tradition of the ”Great American
Songbook” into the contemporary era, with what is often a comedic approach to the
agonies of life and love, and performs across northern Europe under the title ”Jazz
Comic Philosopher.” He also has over 50 albums at Apple Music, Spotify, and the
other streaming sites.

Andy has played with some of the all-time greats, including Red Mitchell, Kenny
Clarke, Billy Eckstine, Connie Crothers, Bob Casanova, Sheila Jordan and many
He is a teacher too. Guitar, voice, improvisation, songwriting, music theory and
music history are some of his specialites. He works in his own private studio and at
Kulturama in Stockholm, and has guest-lectured at the Royal Academy of Music and
several other schools in Sweden, and in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Germany,
and also in New York City.

He has also worked a bit on the comedy stages in Stockholm and elsewhere, and for
a while there even had a spot on a Swedish children’s television show.

Lör 2 juli kl. 17:00
Edsbacka Krog
Sollentuna, Sollentunavägen 220

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