Hospitality since 1626

Edsbacka Wärdshus (wärdshus in Sweden means inn) has a substantial heritage to administer, and by that we do not mean the two stars that the restaurant had for several years. Our obligation towards our long ancestry is more founded on the tradition that concerns hospitality for the last 389 years. It was no coincidence that Edsbacka was commonly called “Guestbacka” in the 17th century. As it is no coincidence that we have returned to our roots. 

It is not about the ambitions being lower, it is about the ambitions looking different. We want to be an inn that feels welcoming to all. The idea, in itself, of an inn is to give you personal service every day, all year round. For better or worse. Here we cater weddings as well as funerals. We set the table for Mother’s and Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, the crayfish premiere, christenings, and serve you in both business and love affairs.

The ambitions in the kitchen are at least as high, but in our case they are based on making more people gastronomically happy in different ways. Whether one wants to savour an affordable traditional lunch in the pavilion or one chooses a Barbarie duck with rhubarb braised in red wine and croquettes a top duck thigh confit from the à la carte menu in the 18th century dining room. We want to offer a welcoming experience- Swedish culinary art inspired by the changing seasons, in an historical milieu with knowledgeable yet relaxed service, and reasonable prices. Welcome to Edsbacka Wärdshus. Hospitality since 1626.